Meet Pakpod

Super-Versatile Compact Tripod



Compact, lightweight, waterproof, and quick to deploy, Pakpod is easily stashed in your backpack. It’s the first tripod that lets you stake securely into turf, sand and snow.


Quarter-20 Stakes

3-pack of polished aluminum stakes with two threaded 1/4-20 holes in each. Stack two Pakpod & attach accessories like mini-lights, mini-monitors & more.


Pakpod Bundle

The Pakpod Tripod bundled with

a Camera Mount Kit. The 4-piece mount works with smartphone, GoPro, or any small camera with a standard 1/4-20 thread.


Safe Stakes

3-pack of round-tip ABS plastic stakes. Safe for users of all ages. Use to stake securely into soft materials like sand and snow, or when creating a body mount.


Tripod Bag

Protect your tripod. This heavy duty bag has a zip pocket for small accessories, 4 strap-loops, belt-loop & shoulder strap. (For tripods up to 13” long.)


Black Stakes

3-pack of regular-tipped ABS plastic stakes, interchangeable with standard stakes. Go incognito with an all-black Pakpod.


Pakpod expands your

creative options by making

the impossible angle possible.




Fully adjustable flip-out stakes allow you to stake into grass, dirt, sand & snow.


Made of ABS & stainless steel, Pakpod is completely waterproof.


Lock all three legs in wildly asymmetrical positions with a single twist.


It’s cool with being cold. Take it trekking, skiing, snowboarding & ice climbing.


Hang it. Bungee it. Bolt it. Duct tape it. Tie-wrap it. Stack two Pakpods.


At less than one pound, Pakpod is compact and easy to stash in a small pack.


Weight:  15.5oz [440g]

Folded Length:  12.75” [32cm]

Max Height:  17.75” [45cm]

Load Capacity:  5.5 lb [2.5k]

Tripod Mount Stud:  1/4-20 Thread

Tripod Mount Hole:  1/4-20 Thread

Frame Material:  High Impact ABS

Stud & Fasteners:  Stainless Steel

Tie Down Points: 12 Locations

"Gear of the Year."
“…able to defy gravity…”
"A Tripod for True Adventures.”
"10 Things We're Obsessed With..."
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Pakpod™ is a trademark of Deep Blue Design, LLC. Please stake responsibly!

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