The Ultimate Adventure Tripod

Stake your Pakpod easily with ninja feet

Fully adjustable flip-out stakes allow you to secure Pakpod into grass, dirt, sand and snow.

Lock your tripod in place with Pakpod

Lock all three legs in wildly asymmetrical positions with the twist of a single knob.

Rig your Pakpod with multiple camera setup options

Hang it. Bungee it. Bolt it. Tape it. Tie-wrap it.  Create a stable hand-held rig.

The ultimate travel tripod is easy to pack and bring with you

Pakpod is compact and easy to stash.  At less than one pound, it won’t slow you down.

Add multiple Pakpods to use mics and lights

Piggyback two Pakpods. Attach multiple cameras, mics, and lights.

Go underwater with your Pakpod tripod

Constructed with ABS and stainless steel, Pakpod is completely waterproof.

Pakpod can handle the cold weather

Take Pakpod skiing, skating, snowboarding and ice climbing. It’s cool with being cold.

Tweak your tripod to any configuration you need

Three mini-tools are attached to Pakpod’s frame, making field adjustments quick and easy.

Shoot with a smartphone or GoPro®?

This free guide will help you improve your photography and videography!


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